• 1952 Martin 0-15

    1952 Martin 0-15 in very good condition.  One owner guitar fresh out of our repair shop.  We gave it a neck reset and repaired a three inch back crack.  The tuners have been changed to Grover sta-tites.  Full-height original Brazilian rosewood bridge and original ebony nut.  Original frets

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  • 1950 Carvin Model 50 Steel Model 20 amp set

    1950 Carvin lap steel guitar and amp set in excellent condition.  Model 50 lap steel is in excellent condition with cool Alicon pickup.  Model 20 amp has been recently serviced with new electrolytic capacitors and grounded power cord.  Classic look with gray MOTO covering on both amp and

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  • 1940 Martin 00-18H

    1940 Martin 00-18H in very good condition.  The 00-18H was produced form 1935-1941 with a total of 255 guitars.  Originally these had flush bar frets, bridges without compensated saddles and high nuts.  The conversion done to this one involved a replacement fingerboard with T frets, a new

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  • 1964 Epiphone FT-98 Troubadour

    1964 Epiphone FT-98 Troubadour made by Gibson in very good condition.  Somewhat of an odd ball model form the 60s.  Trying to capitalize on the Folk Boom Gibson introduced several models designated as Folk guitars.  Their wide necks and 12 fret neck joints as well as dual white pickguards set

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  • 1969 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    1969 Gibson Les Paul Standard in very good condition.  This is a very early 69 with all pot dates of 50th week of 1968.  Has no volute neck and no Made In USA stamp.  These guitars are nearly identical ton the Les Paul model made form 1955-1957.  The differences being full depth binding in

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Top notch repair on fine instruments.

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