• 1953 Gibson Southern Jumbo

    1953 Gibson Southern Jumbo in very good condition.  An exceptional guitar condition and sound wise.  The finish is all original and in great shape.  The red in these finishes fades over time, this one is still bright and rich.  Only repair ever done or needed was a tiny repaired pickguard

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  • 1933 Gibson L-00

    1933 Gibson L-00 in very good condition.  This is an all original example of an early 14 fret sunburst L-00.  We reset the neck and repaired a small top crack.  The original saddle and bridge are uncut.  The frets had wear in just the first position so we carefully replaced the first three.

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  • 1932 Gibson L-00

    1932 Gibson L-00 black in good condition.  Early 12 fret model with short white pickguard from batch 229.  Interestingly this guitar has a bound fingerboard painted over with black from the factory.  Other L-00 from this batch share this trait.  It is a lightly built guitar resulting in a

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  • 1930 Kel Kroydon KK-1

    1930 Kel Kroydon KK-1 made by Gibson in very good condition.  This KK-1 is the version without the tropical birds painted on the top.  It is all original with three small repaired top cracks.  No other issues or repairs.  The original frets are in great shape after a recent grind and polish

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  • 1985 D'Aquisto Excel

    1985 D'Aquisto Excel in excellent condition.  Serial number 1186 signed 11/16/1985 Excel model.  This is an absolute gorgeous version of the Excel with no cutaway 17" body and subtle shaded finish.  This looks about as good as it did when new.  The heel cap has some cracks and there are a few

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Top notch repair on fine instruments.

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