• 1956 Gibson ES-175

    1956 Gibson ES-175 in excellent condition.  This is a true "under the bed guitar" and has only recently been brought to light.  It is not only 100% original it has all the goodies and tags as it was new.  It has never had any repairs or needed any.  We simply restrung it and adjusted the

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  • 1956 Martin 000-18

    1956 Martin 000-18 in very good condition.  There are few guitars more versatile and than the 000-18.  Its combination of clarity and power along with balanced response works for many styles.  This particular one is all original with the exception of a

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  • 1956 Martin D-28

    1956 Martin D-28 in good condition.  Brazilian rosewood back and sides, Sitka spruce top, mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard and bridge.  All original with the exception of a new bone saddle and neck reset, both perfectly done.  Finish is all original and in good shape except for an area of

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  • 1952 Gibson L-5-C Natural

    1952 Gibson L-5-C Natural in excellent condition.  This is simply one of the finest sounding 17" archtop guitars we have seen.  We try and avoid using the term best ever as it had been so over used and widely applied in this business, however in this case it is deserved.  Tom has known this

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  • 1936 Martin 000-45

    1936 Martin 000-45 in good condition.  SN-62275 was stamped on February 7th 1936 according to Martin's records.  The striking dual pickguards are original and this is the only 000-45 recorded to have left the factory with such.  Over the years this guitar has seen some significant repair work.

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Top notch repair on fine instruments.

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