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    • Collings I35LC NAT 1Collings I35LC NAT 2
    • Collings I-35 LC Blonde SN-16751

      NEW - Collings I-35 LC in Aged Blonde finish SN-16751.  Collings developed their own laminates which really set these guitars apart from any other modern semi-hollow design.  Slightly smaller than the classic 335 design and quite a bit lighter.  The acoustic resonance is remarkable.  This features the new aged finish which is lightly checked.   Select figured maple semi-hollow laminate body & mahogany neck Inset maple center block Aged white top/back binding Slim contour F-holes High gloss nitrocellulose lacquer finish Unbound "Haircut" headstock 15 degree headstock angle Rosewood or ebony peg...

    • 1998 National Tricone 11998 National Tricone 2
    • 1998 National Tricone

      1998 National Tricone in near mint condition.  Near new and works perfectly.  Has a very cool deep blue matte finish.  Has a nice full sound that works well for slide or Spanish playing.  Original case and paperwork included.  

    • 1968 Fender telecaster 11968 Fender telecaster 8
    • 1968 Fender Telecaster

      1968 Fender Telecaster in very good condition.  This is one of the best feeling and sounding late 60s Teles you will play.  Has an excellent neck profile that feels more like it is from 1960 than 1968.  It has been professionally refretted without planing of the finger board or any finish work.  The finish is a transparent blonde with nice ash grain showing.  Nice medium weight at 7.8 lbs.  All original pickups and electronics.  Great bright snappy sound out of the bridge pickup and a very clear acoustic sounding neck pickup.  All hardware and finish is original and includes ashtray cover.  Th...

    • 1966 Fender JazzBass 11966 Fender JazzBass 2
    • 1966 Fender Jazz Bass

      1966 Fender Jazz Bass in near mint condition.  Custom color Lake Placid Blue with matching headstock.  Has bound neck with dot inlays, lolipop tuners, white laminated pickugard, original pickups and pots, covers, case.  100% original including finish.  No touchup no overspray.  About all that has ever been done is a set-up and new strings.  This was clearly stored in the case for many years.  There is no fretwear or any signs it was actually used.  Neck is straight and it sets up perfectly with nice low action with flatwound strings.  The finish is bright and unfaded, no checking, one area on ...

    • 1969 Ricenbacker 381 11969 Ricenbacker 381 2
    • 1969 Rickenbacker 381

      1969 Rickenbacker 381 in very good condition.  This is one of the most distinctive guitar designs of the 1960s with its violin edge carved maple body.  This is the version that Rickenbakcer currently reissues.  This one is all original except for a pro refret with original size fretwire.  The finish in in very good condition some wear on the back and back of neck.  The neck is nice and straight and the truss rod works as it should.  The fingerboard was not planed or refinished when it was refretted.  Has the super fast neck profile that these are known for. Original Hi-gain pickups are strong ...

    • 1959 Martin 018 11959 Martin 018 2
    • 1959 Martin 0-18

      1959 Martin 0-18 in excellent condition.  Fresh out of the repair shop is a previously untouched 0-18.  We reset the neck, dressed the frets, and glued a couple of one inch side cracks.  It present s very nicely with extremely tight grain Sitka spruce top and clean original finish.  Other than a new saddle it is all original.  These seem to always be a favorite around the shop.  Customers are always surprised by the sound that comes from the humble little 0 size.  Playability is excellent and the classic combination of mahogany and spruce does not disappoint.  This handsome guitar has its orig...

    • 1957 Gretsch 6120 11957 Gretsch 6120 2
    • 1957 Gretsch 6120

      1957 Gretsch 6120 in excellent condition.  This is THE Gretsch guitar to own.  An icon of early rock and roll and country music.  The 6120 features DeArmond Dynasonic pickups, Bigsby, orange lacquer finish, 24.5" scale, volume control for each pickup, master volume, master tone, and three-way switch.  This guitar is all original except for the Bigsby which is a replacement as is the bridge.  Original frets are in good shape, neck angle is good, binding is intact with no signs of rot, finish is in good shape.  Original case included also in very good condition.  

    • 1969 Martin D21 11969 Martin D21 2
    • 1969 Martin D-21 D-28 Conversion

      1969 Martin D-21 to D-28 Conversion.  This guitar started its life as a 1969 Martin D-21.  In the mid 2000s a well known musician who's name rhymes with Bryan Adams took a disliking to it.  During a recording session the guitar was set down on the ground and had a foot put through the top and the neck snapped in two.  The guitar was then left for dead.  Fortunately a man in the session noticed that despite the trauma, the Brazilian back and sides were intact.  The shell of the guitar was sent to Martin to be rebuilt in the style of a late 30s D-28.  The top is a very good looking piece of Adir...

    • 1947 DAngelico modelB 11947 DAngelico modelB 2
    • 1947 D'Angelico Model B

      1947 D'Angelico Model B in excellent condition.  An excellent example original except for the frets and pickguard both expertly replaced.  This model is an interesting combination of 17" wide body with 24.75" scale giving it power and somewhat of a lazy feel on the left hand.  The tone is full and solid.  Includes original hard case and receipt from John D'Angelico.  

    • 1947 Epiphone Triumph 11947 Epiphone Triumph 2
    • 1948 Epiphone Triumph

      1948 Epiphone Triumph in excellent condition.  All original guitar with an added DeArmond 1100 pickup.  The pick-guard is a reproduction cut to fit the pickup.  No major repairs or issues. The playability is excellent setup with medium gauge strings.  The tone is nice and woody and with a lively response.  The slight V neck profile with 1 11/16" nut width is comfortable all over.  These are some of the most underrated arch top guitars in the vintage market.  Includes nice older hard case.  


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We evaluate each instrument for condition, originality, and authenticity. A written report is provided detailing our findings along with the replacement value for your instrument. We can appraise one instrument or entire collections. Let us know if you are looking to sell you instrument as we buy and consign fine quality vintage instruments.

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