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    • 1969 Ricenbacker 381 11969 Ricenbacker 381 2
    • 1969 Rickenbacker 381

      1969 Rickenbacker 381 in very good condition.  This is one of the most distinctive guitar designs of the 1960s with its violin edge carved maple body.  This is the version that Rickenbakcer currently reissues.  This one is all original except for a pro refret with original size fretwire.  The finish in in very good condition some wear on the back and back of neck.  The neck is nice and straight and the truss rod works as it should.  The fingerboard was not planed or refinished when it was refretted.  Has the super fast neck profile that these are known for. Original Hi-gain pickups are strong ...

    • 1947 DAngelico modelB 11947 DAngelico modelB 2
    • 1947 D'Angelico Model B

      1947 D'Angelico Model B in excellent condition.  An excellent example original except for the frets and pickguard both expertly replaced.  This model is an interesting combination of 17" wide body with 24.75" scale giving it power and somewhat of a lazy feel on the left hand.  The tone is full and solid.  Includes original hard case and receipt from John D'Angelico.  

    • 1940 Martin 018 11940 Martin 018 2
    • 1940 Martin 0-18

      1940 Martin 0-18 in excellent condition.  This is a guitar that once you play it makes you go "why would I ever need anything else"?  All original with the exception of a bone saddle made when the neck was reset.  Job done perfectly with nice saddle height and spot on centering.  Nice Adirondack spruce top and mahogany back and sides.  All crack free.  Original bridge is uncut, all braces and bridge plate original and tight.  Finish is original and in very good condition.  Some wear around the pickguard and a few scuffs but no checking.  Original tuners work great and look near new.  Nice full...

    • 1930s KayKraft Model C 11930s KayKraft Model C 2
    • 1930s Kay Kraft Style C

      1930s Kay Kraft Style C in excellent condition.  These are interesting guitars that are somewhat unique.  It was the Kay version of the Nick Lucas guitar.  The sides are extra deep from 4" at neck to 4.75" at the tailblock.  The back and sides are Brazilian rosewood, solid sides laminate back.  The body shape is pretty close to an L-00 in outline.  The neck joins at the 12th fret and the scale is 25.75".  Fancy rope binding on body and neck and pearloid peghead overlay.  Factory X-braced with two tone bars widely spaced.  The mahogany neck is a comfortable slight V shape that is medium sized. ...

    • 1963 Martin 0021 11963 Martin 0021 2
    • 1963 Martin 00-21

      1963 Martin 00-21 in very good condition.  This a great sounding example of the longest continually made Martin model.  Brazilian rosewood back and sides, Sitka spruce top, mahogany neck, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and bridge, gloss lacquer finish, celluloid nitrate tortoise pick-guard and bindings.  Has had a neck reset, bridge reglue, refret, pick-guard crack repaired and one top crack from bridge to lower bout repaired.  All the work is professional and well executed.  The back and sides are crack free.  The finish is original with no overspray.  The tuners are older and a version which...

    • 1961 Gibson ES355 Stereo 11961 Gibson ES355 Stereo 2
    • 1961 Gibson ES-355 TDC Stereo Varitone

      1961 Gibson ES-355 TDC Stereo Varitone in near mint condition.  One of the cleanest all original ES-355s we have seen.  This one is 100% original with no repairs done and no excuse to be made.  All original and untouched electronics including unopened PAFs both zebras.  Varitone and stereo wiring are unmodified and function perfectly.  Finish is all original with no overspray or touch up.  The red is bright, unfaded and presents beautifully.  A bit fuller neck profile than the other '61 ES-355 we have in stock.  The pickups are both strong and fat sounding.  The original frets are in excellent...

    • 1962 Gibson J50Adj 11962 Gibson J50Adj 2
    • 1962 Gibson J-50 Adj

      1962 Gibson J-50 Adj in excellent condition.  This is a 100% original guitar with no major repairs of any kind.  We cleaned it up gave it a good set-up and that was all.  Has original strap and hang tag (no the price is not still $175).  There is some pick wear between the bridge and pick guard and some minor dings on the top.  The back and sides are very clean as is the back of the neck.  Very good sound due to the early smaller bridgeplate.  These guitars are the sound of so many famous recordings from the 1960s.  Includes new hard case.  

    • 1957 Gibson J50 11957 Gibson J50 2
    • 1957 Gibson J-50

      1957 Gibson J-50 in excellent condition.  The original finish on this one looks near new. There a couple of tiny imperfections but no checking and it shines like new.  The only repair ever done was our regluing of the pikcugard and the tiny crack accompany it.  The frets are like new and the original saddle is at full height.  As close to perfect of a 1957 Gibson as there is.  The neck is a full and round and fits the hand nicely.  These make such great guitars for strumming and vocal accompaniment.  Includes the original soft case in good condition.  

    • 1982 Gibson ES335Dot 11982 Gibson ES335Dot 2
    • 1982 Gibson ES-335 DOT

      1982 Gibson ES-335 DOT in excellent condition.  These were some of the very first reissue guitars that Gibson made and feature the revered Tim Shaw designed pickups.  This guitar is all original except for a Nashville bridge top.  The frets are the wide flat frets of the era and in good condition.  The neck has the shape of a 1960 with a little more heft to it, a very comfortable profile.  The finish is in excellent condition with no real wear or checking.  These guitars are some of the best 335s money can buy.  They capture much of what we love about the originals at a far more reasonable pri...

    • 1936 Gibson L00 11936 Gibson L00 2
    • 1936 Gibson L-00

      1936 Gibson L-00 in very good condition.  This guitar is well played but not abused.  It was played mostly in the first position and exhibits finish wear but no structural issues.  There is one small repaired back crack that is hard to find and one lower bout two inch side crack also repaired.  We replaced the first four frets to perfectly match the originals and the guitar has full fret height all over the neck.  The neck is a larger pronounced V shape with 1 3/4" width at the nut and 2 3/8" string spacing at bridge.  The neck was expertly reset.  Original bridge is uncut and never been reglu...


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