• 1947 Oahu Tonemaster Set

    1947 Oahu Tonemaster lap steel and amp set in very good condition.  The guitar is all original with the exception of the output jack being converted from the amphonol screw connector to a standard 1/4" jack.  The amp is original and works great with a warm sound form the field coil speaker.

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  • 2012 Martin 000-15SM w/Fishman

    2012 Martin 000-15SM in near mint condition.  WOnderful all mahogany Martin with built in Fishman eclipse blend pickup and mic.  Hardly used and in near perfect condition.  This is the perfect guitar for the performer on a budget who wants an all solid wood, American-made guitar.  When Martin

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  • 1962 Carvin #31-SGB

    1962 Carvin #31-SGB in excellent condition.  These old Carvins are some of our favorite electric guitars ever made.  They have the whole California vibe with Bigsby and Fender elements in the design.  The two AP-6 pickups sound incredible, a bit like a

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  • c. 1935 Stella by Oscar Schmidt

    Circa 1935 Stella by Oscar Schmidt in very good condition. Concert size body with all solid birch construction.  Has fancy decal around sound hole and above the bridge.  The maple fingerboard is finished in the Jack Frost gold.  We reset the neck and reglued a few loose braces otherwise all

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  • 1934 Gibson L-10

    1934 Gibson L-10 in very good condition.  If you follow our shop you know we have a soft sport for black L-10s.  This guitar is the model described in the catalog from 1934.  It is solid carved northern maple back and sides, and eastern spruce top

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Top notch repair on fine instruments.

  • Smooth Hound Smith Live @ TR Crandall September 17th

    Smooth Hound Smith will play appear in store for a free show on Wednesday September 17th at 8pm. RSVP to info@trcrandall.com to be added to...GO

  • Billy Woodward Live at TR Crandall July 9th

    Billy Woodward will be performing with his band Wednesday July 9th at 9 pm in TR Crandall Guitars. The show is free but you must...GO

  • TR Crandall in The Fretboard Journal

    We are honored to be profiled in the latest issue #32 of The Fretboard Journal. Stop by the shop to pick up you copy or...GO

  • Curtis Rogers National Part III

    Now that major work on the neck is done Tom can fit the neck angel and reattach it to the body. Using a straight edge...GO

  • Curtis Rogers National Part II

    With a plan of attack for repairing the Curtis Rogers guitar Tom has torn into it this week. The disassembly process revealed the specific type...GO